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The team at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration have gone through training to make sure that we offer the best possible cleaning services with the care and sensitivity necessary to properly deal with these types of projects.

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Proven Hoarder and Estate Cleaning Services

Handling hoarder and estate cleaning requires a particular approach by highly trained professionals. Using a proven, successful cleanup services program, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration will help families in their time of need with resolving any hoarding and estate cleaning projects.


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To provide you and your loved ones with the best hoarder and estate cleanup services, ServiceMaster has partnered with Matt Paxton, the host of A&E's "Hoarders." 

Quality hoarder and estate cleaning services

ServiceMaster has teamed up with Matt Paxton


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  • Remove and clear clutter and debris

  • Helping locate of lost jewelry, money and other valuables

  • Assist with distributing donations

  • Assist in distributing kept items to family members

  • Facilitate paperwork required by government agencies, lawyers and trusts

Complete hoarder and estate cleaning services